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The road to parenting and teaching children with special needs, and assisting them in developing all their potential, is a hard one. You know your own child or the children in your classroom better than anyone else. As consultants, we become the right hand that helps you navigate through difficult situations. Together, with your knowledge and understanding and our years of experience, we can create practical solutions that will make a huge difference!

  • Easing a child's life in an understanding and caring way by working with the school, family and caregivers as a team to meet the individual need
  • Developing visual communication systems to enhance understanding of the classroom routine
  • Developing high interest baskets including folder games to provide individualized instruction
  • Bridging classroom and home environments
  • Structuring the home environment including behavioral and visual supports
  • On-site parent training to meet the needs of their child
  • Creating individualized social stories for school and home
  • Modifying curriculum for individual children with Autism Spectrum disorders and a variety of learning challenges including nonverbal children
  • Private bilingual speech and language services
  • Creating individual feeding plans that can be used within the classroom and home routines
  • Private consultation to enhance learning across settings