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As teachers, we understand that it is hard to differentiate instruction and make learning meaningful for all of your children. We can assist you and your team in this complicated and challenging process as the populations you serve become more diverse. Our workshops and presentations include:
  • Implementing The Structured Teaching Approach
  • Creating Visual Supports Including:
    • Visual Schedules
    • Transitional and Choice Boards
    • Activity-specific Visuals
    • Social Stories
  • Differentiating Instruction By Adapting The Core Curriculum For All Learners
  • Increasing Functional Communication While Decreasing Inappropriate Behaviors
  • Implementing Thematic Teaching And Creating Activities That Correspond To A Variety Of Themes
  • Integrating Evidence Based Methodologies Into The Classroom
  • Incorporating Social Skills Groups Into Classroom Routines
  • Creating Structured Work Systems That Reflect Themes And Curriculum
  • TEACCH Training