"During the six years we worked together, Donna and Karem were constant contributors to my classroom and to my peace of mind. With their tremendous energy and expertise, they assisted in structuring my classroom environment, brainstorming and problem solving challenging situations with specific students, creating high interest activities, as well as generating visuals for enhancing my instruction and the children’s language and so much more. They are definitely a terrific combination!"
Guylaine Charbonneau, Classroom Teacher

I have had the pleasure of working with both Donna and Karem for two years in a preschool that served special needs students. During my time working with them, Karem and Donna not only helped my students but they made me a better teacher. Their depth of knowledge is endless as is their passion for education.
Sarah Miller, MSEd

Donna and Karem have tremendously enhanced preschool curriculum especially for young children with autism. They both modeled magnificent intervention for young children. As a teacher, Donna has taught me how to organize and structure my classroom in a functional way that would help my young students build more attention and independence.
Donna and Karem's guidance help to guide my daily lesson planning ideas. They foster activities that bring out a child's interest, strength, cognitive, social and and emotional abilities through high interest and individualized tasks that are fun yet engaging. They are great resources to collaborate with especially for facilities and families that are concern with with autism.
Furthermore, the work system/ task baskets that Donna had created for my classroom was one of the best things that has ever happened to me as a teacher. In addition, the guidance with how to use appropriate visual cue schedules to help young children feel empowered with predictability, increased communication skills, transitional issues and to address a child's individual need, is truly amazing!
Monsia Allen, Special Education Teacher

BEST TRAINER EVER. Karem is passionate,fun, energetic as well as knowledgeable in her field. Her trainings are hands-on and always worthwhile. Discovering Me highly recommends her.
Carol Conolly and Laurie D'amico - Discovering Me Nursery School
"Karem Isaac’s and Donna Parrish’s contribution to the quality and excellence of SteppingStone Day School’s Preschool Program for Children With and Without Special Needs has been exceptional. Karem and Donna provided classroom and in-service trainings to the staff along with their daily specific responsibilities. As part of the Classroom Based Support Team, and utilizing their wealth of knowledge about young children with special needs and child development, they worked in collaboration with the Educational Director and the psychologists to devise behavioral strategies for those children in the school who were presenting with exceptional and complex needs.
Karem’s and Donna’s professionalism, creativity, dedication to task and most importantly, understanding and appreciating the multiple needs of our children has resulted in the expansion of the educational environment that meets the school’s goals of providing “best practice in education” for both the children and the entire staff."
Roni Horowitz, Executive Director
SteppingStone School, Bronx, NY

"I am a mother of two boys diagnosed with autism. During my first experience with autism, Donna was there to help my precious baby to learn, grow and overcome barriers and challenges due to his condition. I thank God so much for Donna and her creative handmade materials, designed only and exclusively for my boy. My second child is coming to school very soon and I can’t wait to see her in action again, helping not just my boy’s development, but also the whole family once more."
Johanna Santana, Parent

"Karem has helped my son in ways I can't articulate. He went from being a nonverbal, frustrated, and poorly focused toddler, to a happy little boy with an unbelievable vocabulary. Without her, I don't know where we would be. In a scary time, her caring nature made us really believe that it would be okay. And it was more than okay- he is incredible"!

Alicia Scala, Parent

I have had the good fortune to have worked closely with Karem Isaac and Donna Parrish for four years. Within the school, they have provided ongoing visual systems that meet the needs of classrooms as a whole, and the needs of particular students. They are able to reach a wide gamut of students ranging from gifted students to students who have special needs. Among the things that they have implemented are: Individualized work baskets have been created and modified regularly that tap into the interests of the students. Ongoing trainings have been provided for staff on the use of visual systems, facilitating communication with in the classroom, creating personal schedules for students, social stories for students on a wide range of topics and sustaining a positive emotional climate within the classroom. Both Karem and Donna are collaborative and passionate professionals who are eager to tailor their delivery to the particular needs of each classroom, as well as the needs of individual students in each room. They work beautifully with interdisciplinary teams to meet the ongoing needs of a diverse student population. Donna and Karem have been pivotal in researching and creating thematic multi-sensory kits containing materials that can be used throughout the instructional day touching upon all components of a developmentally appropriate pre-school curriculum. This has helped to raise the creativity of the staff and enabled students to be immersed in thematically rich classroom environments on an ongoing basis. I recommend their services without hesitation; their talents will help to elevate the best practices of the staff and meet the ongoing needs of a diverse student population. They are a true asset to any educational program striving to continually raise the bar in the services they provide.
Dan Feinman, M.S. Ed.,S.A.S., S.D.A.
Educational Supervisor
SteppingStone Day School