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Our History

We formed
K and D Learning Resources driven by a passion to share our many years of experience working together to make a difference for schools, individual teachers and, most importantly, for students with special needs. Our ability to assess challenging issues and behaviors and to apply the right approach comes from knowing that, to solve problems, we must be flexible and creative in our approach.

Although we both have many years of experience in special education, we have teamed up to work together over the past 5 years. We work closely with the teachers, related service personnel, administrators and parents on structuring the classroom and home environments to meet the needs of our students. We bring together the knowledge and creativity of both a classroom teacher and a speech therapist.

Recently, our diverse educational backgrounds and extensive field experiences have enabled us to create a pilot study for teaching thematically which has changed the way teachers view and approach teaching; this approach, supported by conclusive data collection, enhanced student's vocabulary and general knowledge and was adopted as a school-wide approach and philosophy.

As consultants, we have been instrumental is setting up work systems and visual supports in every classroom. We continue to be part of a school-based support team where our unique way of perceiving and reading the whole child brings tremendous insight when trying to solve child specific situations.

We believe that learning can and should be fun and should enrich the children’s life experience. Together we conceived and implemented an annual Pumpkin Patch and Winter Wonderland which have delighted hundreds of students and has become part of the school's tradition.

Below is a panoramic view of Winter Wonderland just before the first,
very excited, class arrived. As we were putting the finishing touches on the room, we could hear the animated chatter of the kids. This has become an annual event along with a Pumpkin Patch.

Winter Wonderland panorama
Above, we converted the school gym into a place where kids were excited to do the activities at each work station, all the while having fun and learning new concepts! Below, we applied the same philosophy to transforming the gym into a Pumpkin Patch.

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What could be better? Combining Fall, Fun and Learning!